’58 Willys Jeep Mobile Power Station

'58 Willys Mobile Power Station

'58 Willys Mobile Power Station

’58 Willys Mobile Power Station
This is a proof of concept research and development effort to design and build a mobile power station, providing 1.5 – 3kW to a remote location for an indefinite period of time. Power generation will be accomplished with a combination of solar photovoltaic panel and wind generation. Power storage will be accomplished with an on board battery bank totally 32kWh storage capacity. This should enable 2kW for 16 hours, covering night operations or low generation periods. Final fall back power generation can be accomplished by onboard generator.
This project has merit, as it is desirable to bring ready electrical power to a disaster area, remote research site, or other activity requiring power off the grid (say a small music festival on the beach…). One of the prohibitive aspects of providing power in a remote area is that most onsite power generation is done via fuel consumption. Supplying fuel is the bottle neck in this instance. By using consumables for only putting the power station on site and for final fall back generation, long term high grade electricity becomes more feasible.

1. Provide Renewable/ Sustainable Electric Power for an indefinite time period.
– Solar/wind generation with on board storage
– attempt to provide 32kWh, to cover night activities and low production times.

2. Reduce the carbon footprint of the delivery platform vehicle.
– This will be accomplished with a flex fuel system, based mostly on Liquid Propane (LP).

3. Restore an Antique Vehicle as Platform
- reduces vehicle production footprint
- increases marketing impact
- 1958 Willys Jeep is the prototype

-1958 Willys Jeep is the prototype

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